Lynne Okun


Lynne Okun is an artist, art therapist, crafter, gardener and musician with expertise in Partner Yoga, Circus Yoga and Thai massage. She has a unique ability to combine her playful and dynamic intuition about human nature with her personal warmth and the wisdom of her professional background. She is a passionate life-long learner inspired by the power of the arts as a tool for learning about the world around us and inside of us.

Art & Art Therapy

Lynne earned her Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) license at California State University Sacramento in 1994. She is also a Registered Art Therapist (ATR, BC) with almost 20 years’ experience working with both children and adult clients. In Ventura, she is known for her innovative and imaginative collaborations with other artists. She has a particular passion for nurturing the well-being of children and teens, having mentored numerous young artists in her community over the years, and having served as Executive Director of Kids Arts, an arts program in Ventura, for a decade. In addition, she worked for the Ventura County Rainbow Alliance where she supervised interns and initiated a unique and powerful programs to celebrate the lives of LGBT youth and community members.

Partner Yoga/ Circus Yoga/ Thai Massage

When it comes to Partner and Circus Yoga, Lynne’s approach is all about human connection and the building of trust rather than athletic performance. She is a Level II Partner Yoga and Circus Yoga Instructor who trained with Elysabeth Williamson, the founder of Principle Based Partner Yoga and Erin and Kevin Maille O’Keefe, the creators of Circus Yoga. She studied Thai Massage with Phoebe Diftler at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara and Deon deWet in Ojai.


Lynne’s permaculture expertise is alive and well in the form of an extraordinary garden of her own, remarkable for its artistry and variety of plant life. Inspired by the pioneering work of Bill Mollison, Lynne has participated in several Permaculture Convergence events, including a training in Glastonbury, England. Her prize-winning public garden for the Ventura County Fair combined art with nature in a novel way. Her adventures in gardening also include the planting of a Food Forest at Art City and the HeartSpace Garden at Yoga Jones Studio, both located in Ventura. In addition, she provides horticultural therapy to the residents of Mountain House in Santa Barbara.

Sound/ Breathe

Lynne has played the flute since the tender age of nine. As a musician, she has a flair for creative improvisation. She sings, plays the drums, ukulele and penny whistle. Her repertoire includes Lily Water, an Americana band based in Ventura, in which she served as a core member. She also has a long background in bringing people together to forge creative connections through music and lively singalongs around a glowing fire.

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