Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga allows two or more people to transform traditional postures (or asanas) into mutually beneficial postures­­, balancing and counterbalancing one another in the spirit of co-creation. Partner Yoga increases self-awareness, builds trust, strength, alignment, flexibility, concentration and connection. No previous yoga experience is necessary, but an adventurous spirit is a plus! Come with a partner, friend, or on your own and we'll play together for maximum fun and growth.

Circus Yoga

Circus Yoga is a fun and unique way to spend quality time with family members. This activity combines the flexibility, strength-building and coordination of yoga with the communal imagination and humorous nature of the circus. Grandparents, parents, children, caregivers, aunts, uncles, friends or even your fairy godmother are welcome to join in a journey of co-creation! You'll learn basic yoga poses through movement, songs and games with an emphasis on partner and group poses that you can practice and continue to enjoy together.

Thai Massage

Ready to detox big time? Thai massage is a mindful, holistic style of massage that incorporates the use of pressure points, assisted yoga postures and the Indian healing system of Ayurveda. Unlike other forms of massage, you engage more directly with the massage therapist who uses her own body to gently rock, knead and stretch you into a variety of stress-releasing and invigorating positions. You will feel safe, nurtured and rejuvenated.


Sessions for Individuals, Couples, Families & Friends

Events for any occasion!

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Fun and Cathartic.

“Before my class with Lynne, I'd experimented a little bit with yoga poses for two people. But that was nothing compared to what Lynne took me and my two friends through in her incredibly creative partner-yoga session.  I've never had so much fun doing yoga.  I was laughing hysterically while Lynne supported me in mid air with her feet and hands.  I think my guide dog was a little confused by the scene, but he stayed calm as Lynne coaxed me into the most intricate and cathartic poses I'd ever experienced.” — Matt

Treat Yourself!

“Lynne is a phenomenal teacher.  She had the four of us testing our limits together in the safe, supportive, and giving environment of her uniquely decorated yoga space which doubles as an art therapy center.

Treat yourself to a session with Lynne. You absolutely won't regret it, and it may change completely how you think about yoga, not to mention the limits of your own body."  — Sandi

Shared Humanity.

“One great thing about doing poses with another person is getting to receive from them the warmth and energy that comes from their body, a warmth and energy amplified by the satisfaction of receiving and giving simultaneously as a beautiful expression of shared humanity." — Tom