Finding your Voice through Karaoke Therapy

Karaoke singing can be a form of self-love and empowerment. With encouragement and guidance in the quest for the right song, one that fits your voice in tone or content, you can surprise yourself! Through support and practice, build your courage and experience the catharsis that comes from putting yourself out there in front of a live (and encouraging) audience.


Experience togetherness through music. Join a singalong around a communal fire and rejoice in the lively and spontaneous connection that only comes from group singing and music-making. Explore the magic of drumming, ukulele and flute-playing. You need not be a professional. All voices and music levels are welcome!

Connecting with Breath

Explore the breath through singing with the help of a mentor and coach. Breath control is an essential feature for singing well and a skill that requires focus and practice.  You can release the hidden potential of your voice by both improving your posture and mastering the breath. Connecting with the breath is also a powerful and effective technique for developing greater self-awareness and connection to the body as a whole.


Sessions for Individuals, Couples, Families & Friends

Events for any occasion!

Please contact Lynne for a free consultation to determine what fits best for your needs.

Face the Music.

“I am a musician that has always had difficulty with stage freight and working with Lynne has helped me confront that. She has made it easier to face the music and perform in front of others, which has allowed me to be a better person as a whole.” — Oscar Magana

So Much Fun!

"Lynne fashioned a fun way for us, mother and daughter, to spend time together while bringing us back to basics.  This was more fun that all the bells and whistles of today’s most popular activities. Lynne challenged us both with our individual skill levels and provided encouragement and confidence. Lynne was able to identify both our needs and tailor a session which we both loved and continue to talk about." — Audra

Explore your Talents.

"I grew up with an aspiration to sing and finally found my voice as a teenager. I’m excited to continue exploring my talents and becoming more and more confident with my singing!" — Ashlee