Therapeutic Gardening

Awaken your space and nourish your soul and senses with the peace and tranquility that only a garden can bring you! Allow an experienced gardener with permaculture expertise to guide you in the creation of a space where you can experience the satisfaction of caring for healthy living things while growing your own green thumb. Together we’ll plan and then plant a small area by your home or place of business, perhaps an herb spiral or patio forest. The possibilities are endless!

Memorial Gardens

A garden is a powerful way to support the grief process and honor the memories of those we've lost. A memorial garden for either a member of your human or pet family is a positive, meaningful and life-affirming way to remember your loved one for years to come. Together, we can create a unique garden that captures the character and personality of your dearly departed.

Food Gardens

Ever wonder what it would be like to harvest a meal from your own backyard? Well, you can! You can transform your yard into an organic, self-sustaining and nourishing environment while reducing your carbon footprint. Grow kale, chard, basil, mint and squash! Create an edible food forest bursting with flavor and nutrition.

Habitat (Restorative) Gardening

Witness the web of life at your doorstep. Grow a garden that supports beneficial native birds, bees and butterflies. Watch as colorful pollinators, like Monarch butterflies, thrive in your surroundings, and take pride in the knowledge that you are part of the solution: an active force in healing the earth! Together we will work to restore your outdoor space into a beautiful, natural landscape with a variety of drought-tolerant native plants.


Sessions for Individuals, Couples, Families & Friends

Events for any occasion!

Please contact Lynne for a free consultation to determine what fits best for your needs.


Usable and Beautiful.

"One Sunday morning, with Lynne’s assistance, we cleared out the clutter from our driveway and made it a usable and productive native garden area and small but productive vegetable garden. Our small space is now usable and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies as well." —George


"After the loss of a dear friend,  Lynne suggested we plant a small memorial garden where I could continue to celebrate my friend’s life.  Together we created an oasis of flowers, fountain and green vegetation which brings me a feeling of tranquility on a daily basis." —Malena

Easy and Convenient.

“Lynne planted a vegetable garden on our back porch which has been a blessing to our family.  She gave us some great tips on how to grow our own food and herbs and we’ve found it to be so much easier and moreconvenient to harvest and eat fresh vegetables than we thought!" — Susan