Discover the healing and transformative power of visual art as a tool for self-exploration, self-expression, personal growth and rejuvenation. Together we will tap into your naturally abundant, creative core in a safe, supportive studio or garden setting. Art therapy with help you to reconnect with your instincts and tap into your inner strengths and resources; map out your past and envision your future; build self-intimacy and self-esteem; unblock creativity; experience being in the moment; safely process difficult emotions and experiences; relax and let go!

Grief and Loss

Grief draws on a wide and complex range of feelings and emotions that can be difficult to process. Art is the perfect vehicle to express all that happens as we heal and expand after a loss. In grief and loss art sessions you can change, explore, paint, paste, cut, rip, dream, look, discover, find, encounter, connect empower, dig, let go, doodle, experiment, play, write, draw, sculpt, connect, celebrate, destroy, release, pray, wonder, and know.

Connect with Nature

Nature is full of art! Have your session in a garden setting, at the beach, or on a hike. Build your art with natural materials. Revel in the bliss of full-spectrum natural light as you create. Find the art all around you and within you.


Sessions for Individuals, Couples, Families & Friends

Events for any occasion!

Please contact Lynne for a free consultation to determine what fits best for your needs.

Develop and Grow.

"Lynne Okun is one of the main reasons I decided to pursue a career in the art field—she has become a mentor for me.  Lynne has guided me through my childhood and now into adulthood and has helped me develop my skills in art and life."   —Dain

Dive In.

"Through diving into the creative process, my child and I were able to connect with each other more deeply. Today we look back on our time with Lynne and continue to collaborate on creative projects that remind us we are a team!" —Laura


Explore Feelings.

"Lynne helped me to create a space for exploring art materials that helped me process my feelings of grief." —Sasha